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To say that the company I work for is a private version of a civil service/government body would be missing the point. It would imply that I work for an organisation that works to run something for the betterment of those who work for it, depend on it and thus something remotely useful. The intention of the comparison would be with respect to the bureaucracy, hierarchy, petty politics and masses of procedures.

It would appeal to, for example, those people who prefer a rigid organisation to their lives so that they can leave home every day and switch into auto-pilot and not have to think for themselves. A career path is quoted in terms of years, if you do the same thing you are doing now for the next few years then you might get a “senior” added to your job title. You will be expected to do even more for little more money, and maybe get to create procedures for other, more junior employees to follow. This kind of work will remove any amount of dynamic, creative, free minded thoughts you might have had before joining. You become a zombie, adhering to charters, tags lines and mission statements. You’re treated like an idiot because by those more senior to you (in terms of years) simply, for want of a better reason, you must have been to join in the first place.

So, in order to maintain a perspective on life outside, I created an inspiration wallpaper for my computer, simply to remind me about the true context of it all. To explain, the question is how much closer today are you in realising your dreams. Any dreams, whether they be personal, material or work related. The work you have completed during the day, your job, did it get you any closer to those aims, any one of those aims or dreams.

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