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The legacy of Blair

I admit that my memory is confined to the last 30 years or so, and as you get older you forget the exact details of events that happened, say, 20 years ago in great detail. Regardless of what disastrous policies previous governments have taken in the past, certainly with regards to annoying the rest of the world, there could surely be nothing close to Mr Blair’s current achievement and the impact on everyday life in the UK. How is that countries like Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand can exist and not annoy everyone else?

A terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.

Not a headline that PM Blair would want to read over his cornflakes (even if he is sunning himself in the Caribbean right now). Certainly you can’t imagine voters rushing to the polls to vote for anyone associated with the Labour party, regardless of how bad the oppositions are. But also the question must be asked how did it get like this? Do the Irish wake up every day and read these headlines? Is the average Argentinian worried about boarding a flight for fear of being blown up? Why do the Brits have to go through this? What ever happened to subtle diplomacy to rule the world.

Now I accept that times have changed and PM Blair is emperor of the UK (the Queen is a side show) at a time when the world has changed and militants have got more militant and the tentacles of terrorists/extremists/militants are so deeply embedded into society that only an extreme measure would remove them, but you’d think he’d know better than backing policies that so brazenly put the “good” name of the UK at the top of every terrorists list of “targets”. There are ways and means of standing up to these people, but considering the events of last year (London bombings) you would have thought that a little more tact would be in order until you could be 100% sure that what you do or say would not come back to haunt the voters.

Clearly the people of the UK are at the top of the hit list because of what PM Blair does and says very openly in public. He’s alright, he has an entire security service to cover his arse. The average UK citizen maybe has a newspaper to fend off undesirables and nothing more. So this is it. An otherwise stunning Prime Ministership came to an abrupt end with the support of invading Iraq, following US policy, and pissing off everyone even more with his support of the carnage in Lebanon. Thank you Mr Blair for dragging the otherwise good name of the UK into the pits of hell and sacrificing the lives of the citizens who elected you and for what? A footnote in the history books? A statue in the House of Commons? A secured fortune when you release your memoirs? Great, thanks a bunch.

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