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Life, part 1 – Motivation

I have little, or no, motivation for going to work, and have limitless motivation for not being there.

What drives us for doing a job that we dislike to the point of despair. Simple answer is money. It has often been pointed out, by many observers, that the only reason we get paid to do a job is the fact there is no other way we would do it. Alternatively, there is no other way a company would exist, they need to “bribe” people to do things that will keep the company in existence.

So it comes as no suprise that, sooner or later, we question why we are there. Why are we doing something we dislike intently, and do it every day of the week. It can’t be just so that we appreciate the weekend or retirement. Maybe its simply out of fear. Without work we have no money, we have to live on the street and drink wine from boxes. Its fear that keeps people motivated, and fear is very powerful.

I am currently working on a method of breaking away from this fear, and succeeding quite well. Its called faith. Faith drives away the fear that you wil end up on the street drinking plonk. But this faith does not come from an organised religion, theological experimentation, philosophical approach. It comes from the belief in the self, call it confidence. Its a belief that the true, inner self receives the information it needs from the cosmos and can guide you through life and not end up on the street – unless this is your destiny, but whatever. The problem comes in the form of “noise” created around us that makes our heads do the thinking which leads to fear and the spiral of discontent. Which is all leading no where, except to say that without true and clear motivations in life we will all just carry on doing the same thing.

Part 2 will be all about happiness and the persuit there of. Unless I can think of something else to write about.

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