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I am really trying to keep away from politics and world affairs, however, regardless of what you believe and who you are for and against, there really needs to be peace in the Middle East. Fine, get on with life, ignore those whom you have differences with, agree at least there are differences, but politicians from all sides should refrain from bringing the civilian population into any firing line.

If politicians take it upon their collective egos to start a fight with someone, then they should do it personally. Hire out a stadium and have a “last man standing” competition. He who survives is the winner and get a nice big trophy. But keep conflict away from ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives.

Coffin Counter

Current Figures (07/08/2006):
Israel: 80
UN: 4
Canada: 8
Lebanon: 900

No details how many politicians are in these figures. Its just the everyday people who are part of the stats 😦

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