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Life in Czech Republic – the good bits

Its all too easy to focus just on the bad bits of something…well anything. Whilst it is difficult to adjust to the fact that Czech men, above a certain age, take a bath once a week, and its usually your luck to sit next to them on the tram home which gets caught in traffic just at the point where the sun is evaporating his sweat, there are many good things about life here. Here’s the list (so far):

1. Beer. This has to come first on the list because the beer in CZ is excellent. Its usually a Pilsner version, but always good and most brands are free from chemicals. Its also very cheap. When going out to eat its usually the cheapest item on the menu in the drinks section. Wonderful.

2. Architecture. There are so many fine buildings in CZ, particularly in Prague. Prague never seemed to get flattened by wars, so many of the finer buildings have been retained and even survived the communist era. Now there is more money pouring into the capital, and firms are investing in the assets they have, the buildings are getting better and better. Newer buildings are also springing up that can fill books of contemporary architecture, including a new football stadium.

3. Women. Women are, in general, very good looking (not as much as Slovakia, but then I am biased). They have also realised, as they get older, that in order to retain the attentions they have been used to over the years they need look after themselves and not let themselves go (as is the case in other, Western countries when the population reach 19 and go binge drinking). This is not to say the population of females in CZ are all looks and no brains, they retain their good looks as part of the natural femininity and are also intelligent. Women are women, but also the equals. If only they could export this idea, good looking is feminine and not a crime.

4. Castles. Thousands of them. Ranging from ancient to the not so ancient. Most are also being renovated, if they haven’t been already. Fabulous.

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